The valuable mission of a life insurance agent

February 24, 2022 by
Charbel Abboud

• Long time ago I was working in a bank but I was always looking for a job that has a mission, a place to grow, to run away from routine…

• I chose the career of a life insurance agent. A job that is not about following the commission. I know, we probably all started this way. But believe me that our mission is much more valuable than you can ever think.

• Our mission is about helping clients anticipate their problems and solve them before they happen

• Our mission is to find what people love so that we protect it….

• Our job is not about selling a product or service…it is about advising people on what they should have and make them see what’s waiting for them on the next corner…

• Let me ask you a question: how long can you live without an income? One month, two…1 year…how long…what happens next?

• Life insurance is not about luxury. You think you can live without it but once you need it, it will be too late …trust me…TOO LATE!

• People wait until they have enough money to buy life insurance. But who is really saving properly?

• Life insurance is not about people dying…it is about people living, about keeping the standard of living, about keeping your assets, keeping your business, keeping everything you built alive….

• Our job is sometimes more important than the doctors; they sometimes win, other times they fail…we always win by supporting our clients…and our impact remains with the families much longer….

• So in summary, the mission of a life insurance agent is not about commission, it is about supporting ourselves as “a whole person”, it is about supporting our family, our neighborhood, our business, our nation… It is about supporting our next generations…

• After all the mission of the life insurance agent is to help people Live with dignity and leave a legacy®!

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