International Speaker Representation

At Legacy Builders International, we offer international speaker representation services to bring renowned experts and thought leaders to your events. Our extensive network of globally recognized speakers covers a wide range of topics within the financial planning and insurance industries. We handle all aspects of speaker coordination, from negotiating fees to managing logistics, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for your audience.  



Our comprehensive online libraries provide access to a vast collection of books, DVDs, and other educational resources related to financial planning, wealth management, and personal finance. These libraries serve as valuable tools for individuals and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.  

Agent's Development 

Programs & Events

We understand the importance of continuous professional development for insurance agents and financial advisors. Our agent's development programs and events are designed to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel in their roles. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, we cover topics such as sales techniques, client relationship management, industry regulations, and emerging trends.

Training &


Effective training and motivation are key to success in the insurance and financial planning industries. Our training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, providing comprehensive education and skill development opportunities for your team. Additionally, our motivational sessions aim to inspire and energize your workforce, fostering a positive and driven mindset.  

Consultancy Services 

Our consultancy services are designed to assist companies and organizations within the insurance and financial planning industries. Our team of experienced consultants provides valuable insights, guidance, and tailored strategies to help businesses navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

Strategic Alliances 

Legacy Builders International recognizes the power of strategic partnerships in the financial services industry. We facilitate strategic alliances between organizations, enabling them to leverage each other's strengths, resources, and expertise. These collaborations can lead to innovative solutions, expanded reach, and enhanced competitiveness in the market.

BLIS Experience Summit

The BLIS Experience Summit is our flagship event, offering a unique and transformative experience for attendees. This premier event brings together industry leaders, experts, and professionals from the insurance and financial planning sectors. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and connections that empower them to achieve their financial goals.

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